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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Nov 11, 2023

Join Captain Nick, Nick Camacho, Producer Liz, Captain Jeff, and special surprise guest, Captain Jeff(!?) as they discuss and analyze this week's aviation news and cover your great feedback! 

NEWS UPDATE - Titan A21N at London on Oct 4th 2023, Lost 3 Windows, Stabilizer Damage After Filming Event FedEx Tells Pilots To Quit, Work For Regional Airline - One Mile at a Time UPS reduces pilot head count by nearly 200 with buyouts Russian Volcano Eruption Causes Transpacific Flight Woes - One Mile at a Time Hamburg Airport Shut After Gunman Crashes Through Security Gate, Throws Molotov Cocktails Near Planes and Keeps 4-Year-Old Daughter Hostage Van's Aircraft Reports Cash Crunch, Prompts Concern - AOPA Las Vegas Airports Implement PPR Ahead Of Formula 1 Grand Prix (Updated) - AVweb FINAL REPORT - Allegiant A320 near Saint Petersburg on Jul 12th 2023, Turbulence Injures 6 Report: Ryanair B738 at Venice on Oct 18th 2022, Takeoff Clearance Did Not Transmit Forcing a Go Around FINAL REPORT - Air Berlin A332 at Phuket on Dec 20th 2012, Uncontained Engine Failure and Fire Report: Skytrans DH8A at Chincilla on May 23rd 2022, Engine Control Problem, Wheel Lock Up and Runway Excursion on Landing FINAL REPORT - Delta A320 at Omaha on Nov 19th 2022, Bird Strike FEEDBACK Craig - E170/175 Engine Fire Extinguisher System Paul - 2 Audios Murilo - Farol de Pouso Podcast Don - Airline Humor - How Each Airline Walks Robert - Computer Museum of America Ray - The Importance of the Student-Instructor Relationship Jiles - Your Pilot Has a New Job—and a Bigger Plane to Fly Duncan - Interview With 2nd British Astronaut VIDEO Don't see the video? Click this to watch it on YouTube!