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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

Another week of Aviation Fun! Pull up a chair and join Captains Jeff and Nick, and Producer Liz as we discuss the latest aviation news and answer your great feedback! Oh... and an installment of the Old Pilot's Plane Tales to boot.

[00:04:12] NEWS [00:04:29] FAA to Appoint Rulemaking Committee to Examine Pilot Mental Health

[00:15:17] LH at SFO Cannot Accept ATC Instructions After Long Delay

[00:39:57] JetBlue Plane Damaged After Tug Vehicle Collides With and Then Gets Stuck Under Engine 

[00:49:30] PRELIMINARY REPORT - DHL B763 at Beirut - Hard Landing

[01:01:55] UPDATE - Ural A320 at Omsk, Hydraulic Failure, Ran Out of Fuel, Forced Landing in a Field

[01:09:38] Preliminary Report - Collision at Dallas Love Field


[01:35:06] Dancing Leaf Ridge Air BnB

[01:36:32] SWLing Post

[01:36:55] QPRer

[01:47:54] Hawker Association

[02:00:11] COFFEE FUND

[02:03:07] PLANE TALES - The Consequence of a Deliberate Act [

02:29:56] FEEDBACK

[02:30:04] Steve - APG582 Baggage Feedback

[02:35:11] Paul - Weight and Balance Restriction

[02:43:58] Eva - FRTOLs, Listening Squawks, Mr Lee & Medicals

[02:57:29] Tim Q - My Thanksgiving 

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