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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jun 22, 2015

This episode's intro from Janel's son, Sam! Thanks, Sam! (I'm thinking of replacing Miami Rick soon... maybe we can work something out, Sam).

This episode recorded live in Herndon, VA. Captain Jeff, Miami Rick, Dr. Steph, and Fred Samson stuffed ourselves into a hotel room studio after hanging out at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Family Day and Outdoor Aircraft Display. Say that a few times out loud!

News in this episode:

  • Passengers Forced to Evacuate Plane as Smell of Fuel Fills Cabin
  • Guy Who Lives Near Airport Painted "Welcome to Cleveland" on His Roof, He Lives in Milwaukee
  • United Airlines Customers Outraged After Being Put Up in Military Barracks
  • Delta B712 at Chicago on Jun 16th 2015, commenced takeoff without clearance and rejected
  • FAA Policy on Aviation Related Media on the Internet
  • Transport Canada Advisory Circular - Flight Deck Automation Policy and Manual Flying in Operations and Training

FEEDBACK Markus Völter - Audio Feedback
Omega Tau Podcast: 172 – Chasing Bears with the Phantom
Mike Dell - F-111 film from 1966
Tim Van Raam - A peak inside SFO's new control tower
Stuart Thomson - Flying The A350: Airbus’s Most Technologically Advanced Airliner
Big Data Ken - COTS, best airline travel experience
Private pilot Justin - RE: episode 164 -Aerostar for sale
David McLees - Generation "next" pilots
Mat - how do they move crashed aircraft?
Jules - Blocked Pitot Survival and prevention!
Brendon Clunie - Music on APG
Tim Van Raam - Barnstormer Keeping Aviation History Alive
Larry - Pitch and Power Flying
Mattyfab - VOR's on their way out
Jay Rossignol - Eastern Air Lines to operate its first revenue flight tomorrow | World Airline News
Private Pilot Rich - Air France faces new safety probe after freighter takeoff scare - Yahoo News
Christopher Sims - Jetstream TV B777 200 flight
Aidan - Can I still be competitive among being hired by a major airline without joining the Air Force?
Nick - The Other Side of the Cockpit Door
Cory - ATP flight school?
Mark Librowski - Solar Impulse JET???
Swedish Jim - NEW - EXTRA - READ ALL ´BOUT IT incomming FEEDBACK from Swedish Jim :-)
Flite Test - What is a Drone?
Paragliding incident - airplane almost crash to my towing line
Nick Carson - Retirement Question?
Nick Papagorgio - Career Question
Alex From LA - Mad Dog Yoke

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