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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jul 24, 2014

Just before hitting "record" for this episode, breaking news reports the escalation of hostilities between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip region, including the rocket strike landing near Tel Aviv International airport, which caused the divert of a Delta flight from New York to Tel Aviv. The flight landed safely in Paris. Several US airlines canceled flights into TLV, prompting the FAA to issue a NOTAM, temporarily prohibiting all US flights into The airport.


Finger-pointing continues in the tragic shoot down of Malaysia MH17 over Eastern Croatia. My good friend and fellow Acme employee Dispatcher Mike and I have a conversation about what has transpired so far, and what we can all learn from it.



<a href="" target="_blank">Volcanic ash? No longer a problem…</a>

Dispatcher Mike's blog <a href="" target="_blank">My Fifty Percent</a>



Lee - Safety Videos

<a href="" target="_blank">Air New Zealand scraps Sports Illustrated model in-flight safety video</a>

Tim - <a href="" target="_blank">New Aircraft in the USCG fleet</a>

Frank - Stranded on a Desert Island

Ken - Pilot/ATC Relations

Akeem - Crew Bases

Nick - MD-90 at KSJC

Ross, Christian, Frik - Frontier Captain Buys Pizzas for Passengers

John - Fuel Dumping Cost?

Andri - MD-80/90 Fleet Question

Matt - Single Engine Landing

Erik - Passenger Misconduct

Ray - On the Lam(b)   Sheepskin Update

Axel - Swiss Air Pilots Holding Hands?

David - Light guns

Marion - China and Regional Pilot Pay

<a href="" target="_blank">China demand draws U.S. airline pilots</a>




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