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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Feb 3, 2019



  • [1:27:30] Tom - Audio Feedback
  • [1:49:32] Robert - 99s Women in Aviation Museum
  • [1:55:01] Weinung - Back Into the Sky
  • [2:02:12] Nik - Female Pilots to Ease Global Shortage
  • [2:13:25] Plane Tales - 34 Seconds to Touch Down
  • [2:34:54] Bret - Sunlight Reflection from Solar Panels
  • [2:54:18] Jim - MD-80 Trinket
  • [2:59:39] Peter - Messing with Buttons in the Cockpit
  • [3:02:25] Greg - Episode 358 Feedback

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