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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jun 13, 2015

In this episode:

@Miami_Rick is my First Officer. This episode's intro from APG listener Jesus Pereira.


Big Data Ken - Sea Plane? Frik - Silly Intro & Dispatcher Question C.Addison - Please Copy This Number Mark Van Raam - Model airplane in video, Cockpit voice recorder Jevon Munsanto - A Few Airline Ops Questions Mike Rogers - Guard, PAs Tony from Teesside - L-1011s Have New Life Armando - Texting from tower to cockpit could speed flights Tim in Portland - HR 476 aimed at capping the amount that Veterans can use for flight training H.R.476 - GI Bill Education Quality Enhancement Act of 2015 Cmte. Ignores Concerns; Forwards VA Bill to Full House Mark Ross - American A321 Hawaii Service Starts in September Steve M. - Feedback on your new camera - I'm busted! Eric Smith - $88 Delta Debacle Jack - possible for a British pilot to find work in either North, Central or South America? James Keane - Kylie Jenner ChemTrails? Lyn - Singapore Airlines incident Big Ron. (Telly man), Dan Smith - Pizza Party! Dr. Steph - Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine? Grant McHerron - Audio feedback on music, pronunciation & cadet training schemes :)

Rural Australia 1Rural Australia 2

Plane Crazy Down Under, Australia's aviation show Nick Carson - Question for Miami Rick regarding the Boeing 777 Start-Up Ryan - EasyJet and Duct Tape


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