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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jun 13, 2015

In this episode:

  • EPA says it intends to regulate emissions by US airliners
  • Update on A400M crash in Seville

This episode's intro from Danish Roy. FEEDBACK Doug Miannay - "Inside America's Next Spyplane" Article Tim Van Raam - Ride A Bike. Drink Some Beer Lyn - In the news: passenger throws a tantrum Randy Rymer - Cameron Air Show Magnus - Unpronounceable Swedish Names Big Data Ken - Fuel Gauge Accuracy Brittany - Southwest Airlines flight diverts to Anniston, Alabama John Schaap - Integers Robert Shinners - Hacking Guy Mechanic Bob - ELTs, hacker, flying/scuba diving NicNacJak - Flight Simulation Community Jaime - Aviation Podcasts Entry Level Flying? Frik - Southwest reroutes flight for woman to see comatose son J.R. Paguia - Air Stig Justin - When you hand fly do you use the FD? Zach - Overcast App Ray Williams - B-777 Interesting Video, Reverse Thrust Chris Addison - Transfer of Control Pip - RVSM and headsets Marlon - Pros/Cons Flying Passengers vs Cargo Big Ron -Heterodyne Whistle Capt. Leo - B777F Main Deck Fire Suppression Stuart Aslett - Idea for APG Meet-Up in UK at Farnborough


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