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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jul 25, 2015

Captain Jeff is joined by Miami Rick (@Miami_Rick).
Stuart - Canada pilots X-rated chat broadcast
Tim Van Raam - Going Green with Dennis
Larry - Potable Water Issue
Abner - Audio Feedback
Danish Roy - Cessna 172 mid-air collision
Anthony - Situational awareness vs G1000 and "the magenta line"
Indiana Tommy - Rickets
Grant - Voice feedback - 767 Over the Atlantic
Larry Gregory - UAV?
Jeff in Minneapolis - 99PI
Seattle Area Josh, Larry from Tulsa - Centerline Lights
Ryan - Communication question
Juan Ruiz - B777 BRAKE TEMP
Adam - Relaying an Emergency
CJ - Safety stand down
Steve - Cat on a Wing
Anthony (A320 Captain) - First Officer Story
Derek - Rubber Deposits On Runways
Nev - Airbus v Boeing - automation
Scott Richardson - APG173 ACARS feedback
Dan - Powerback
Mechanic Bob - Fuel Gauges, Simulated Partial Panel in G1000
Hans-Petter (-HP-) - Songs about flying
Ivan - Mayo Clinic Helicopter Start-Up

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