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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jul 25, 2015

Captain Jeff is joined by Dr. Steph (@Plumdiggity).
News in this episode:

Some Asshat Shot Lasers at 11 Planes Flying Over New Jersey Last Night
Jules - Pilot Training and Providing the Airlines with the Right People for the Job
Alex - Starting Out as F/O With Little Pay
Tate Dugan - Gee Bees, Aviator Movie
Frik - Spitfire Ace Episode 4 Part 6
Scott - UK man forces flight diversion after allegedly hitting wife, peeing on plane seats
Phil - Active Duty, Reserves, Air  National Guard
Thomas From Delaware - What got all 3 of you interested in aviation?
GoPro C152 N57 New Garden Airport
Michael Dell - A Simple Explanation of Inertial Navigation Systems
Michael Dell - Run Away Seat Procedures
Capt H - Upgrade to Captain
Daniel Sinico - Near miss with mountain
Ken Hays - Fun with airport design
The Other Patrick Smith - Freight vs Passengers
Scott in London - 99% Invisible (99PI)
Dispatch Gregg - Flight Dispatcher Role
FO Jeff - Emirates 777-200LR in ground collision at Lagos
Grant - Overweight Mad Dog?
Anthony - Take-Off Performance Airbus Style
Josh Chambless - Air Force One Up Close and Personal!
Derek - Emirates unveils Arsenal branded plane
Dean Kollet - What’s Next for Capt Jeff?
Adriano - Career Advice
Other Andreas from Sweden - Centerline Lighting, Again
Rick from KABE - Old Atlanta Photos
Gerry O’Brien - Helicopter Crashes Next to Pub
Will Kool - Two Working Parents Question

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