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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Jul 31, 2015

Captain Jeff is joined by Miami Rick (Miami_Rick), Dr. Steph (@Plumdiggity), and Fred Samson (@LittleMissSunsh).
News in this episode:

OTHER LINKS Fred's YouTube Channel
Dylan in Sacramento - Lowering Landing Gear
Isaac - Transitioning warrant officer from the Army looking to help Caleb from episode 176
Frik - Ask Capt Scott
Chris - MD-87 fire bomber
Nick the Old.Pilot - Frequency 123.45
ACME Security Guy - IVNKA One Departure
J.R. Paguia - Omega Tau
Big Ron - Part falls from Boeing 777
Ken - Drones in US airspace deliver medicine
Andrew - fear-of-flying
J.R. Paguia - Jet Engine vs. Spray Bottle
Steve M. - Rick’s thoughts on the 787
Sohpia 1
Adam Asmar - Checkride Outcome
FO Jeff - Boeing: World’s airlines need to hire 28,000 new pilots annually
David Abbey - Audio Feedback
Don (The PreBuy Guy) - Getting the ATP rating 2
FO Jeff - Eye check
Nige - Planespotting
Mechanic Bob - APG Trivia Answer
Tommy Lewis (Indiana Tommy) - Woman Pilots in the Industry
Chocolate Danish - First solo!!!

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