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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Oct 18, 2015

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FEEDBACK agentmeade - Taxiways Patrick - Question about transferability of skills between types James Keane - Small aircraft flying themselves again... Alex Lehman - Suggestions for Atlanta airport and non-precision approaches Tim Van Raam - Let's see Fred Sansome try this with his drone Ian - What is the most complex aircraft that you have flown in terms of requiring your utmost attention? Anders, Capt. Al - Mayday/Pan, Proper RT James Chen - Takeoff Minimums, RNAV Approaches Markus, Neil, and Chris - Millibars and Hectopascals Anthony - Manufacturer vs Company Procedures, Automation Dependency Msabatasso - 1930 INSTRUCTIONS TO CO-PILOTS FROM AMERICAN AIRWAYS Capt Al - What Makes A Good Captain? JR Paguia, Nick Acosta - New Airbus Seating Patent Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Monologue re. New Airbus Seating Patent (starting at 2:11) Robert - APG meet-up - Argentina image1 Tweet by MJFH - China cabin crew 'industry ritual' sparks online outrage Steve - Retirement age VIDEO buymeacupofcoffee4 Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. (304) 99-PILOT (304) 997-4568 ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2015, All Rights Reserved