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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Nov 6, 2015

"Lleyn sheep" by User:Jackhynes - Own work. Cropped and tuned in Picasa. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


FEEDBACK Lucas - Grooved Runway Braking Action

Lucas's Plane Spotting Website Pasadena Brian - New MH370 Info

Swedish Jim - Some minor questions

Micah - You Asked For It, You Got It

Capt. Nick - PA Games

Barton from Lexington - Fight Director

Frik, Nick - Disabled passenger forced to crawl off United flight

Zach Walker - Aviation Disasters - Solved!

Mike Dell - Navigator humor :)

Carl Houghton - Airports Going Green

Ben Mikka - Airbus Factory, Flight Rosters

Tadeo (Taj) - Engine Spool-up, METARs, Unmanned Hot Air Balloons

Capt. Al - Going Green

Frik - Drone pinatas coming to your neighbourhood?

Mascha - Feedback for Flying and Marijuana and B787 Aircraft Transition Training

Cannabis and flying Driving with a Marijuana High: How Dangerous Is It?

The DRs

Charath - APG Techie, Checklists

Tom Seagraves - Meet-up with Capt. Nick Tom&CaptNick

Al and Brian - Farting sheep caused an airplane to make an emergency landing

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