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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Oct 23, 2015

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Adam Asmar - This just proves that a lot of PAPERWORK is required when dealing with the FAA

Geoff Gallaway - EGPWS SOUND

Not Current Kevin - B-777 out of Manila Folders

Steve Ward - What NOT to Do as an AirCrew Member!

Jonathan - Marijuana Laws Micah - KUOW (Seattle Public Radio) Piece about the B17 & Boeing

Anne Rienks - How to tackle the most embarrassing problem on planes

Ross in England - MD-90 incident - FMS missing Dulles

Mitch - Love your podcast APG Syndrome

Wes - Coast Guard Video

David - Mad Dog Retirement: What will you do?

Scott Richardson - Powered parachute videos

Eric - Froggie Feedback

Counter-UAV System from Airbus Defence and Space protects large installations and events from illicit intrusion

Special glasses created for pilots in case of laser attacks

Boston John Compilation Part 1

Devin - Answer for Pilot Pip

yunus erol  - We are really going green:)

mattyfab - A big thank you

Ben Crooks - 250 Knot Restriction Below 10,000 Feet?

John Schaap - Passengers boo as flight attendant kicks woman off plane

John Schaap - Odd reason for delay - First Officer missing pages in his book?

Janel - New metal from Boeing

Haig - Mayday and Pan Pan

Nick Anderson - Two Engine Out Flying

Mark Van Raam - Seaman Discharge is real!

David Legarreta - LAN CARGO 777

Zach -  Oxygen masks on planes and leveling of during initial climb

Paolo - Porter plane that filled with smoke had no oxygen masks, passenger says

Dmitriy Kopylenko -  We're going green (taxiing at Singapore)

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