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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Aug 11, 2018



  • [1:08:50] John - RAF 100th Anniversary
  • [1:10:32] Triad Andrew - Potential Purchase for Capt Jeff?
  • [1:13:09] Nicks (Hewitt and Wilson), Paul, Texas Charlie, George, Steve and Jake - ATC - Aer Lingus departure from JFK
  • [1:30:32] Dan - Transition from Military to Civilian Flying
  • [1:40:20] Plane Tales - Handling the Big Jets
  • [2:04:43] Ralph - New Technology?
  • [2:05:55] Texas Charlie - Is this Video Realistic?
  • [2:09:30] Scott - Do Any of the Crew Have a "Never Again" Story?
  • [2:23:05] Josine - Some Questions and Audio Feedback
  • [2:40:11] Stephen - Finally Hit 1500 Hours
  • [2:51:56] Chris - Tray Table Troubles

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