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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Nov 4, 2019



  • [43:32] Louie - Help Needed UK Pilot
  • [48:43] John Pelchat - Power Outlets
  • [56:46] Alex - Mistakes Were Made
  • [1:07:24] Tony - B737 Simulators
  • [1:19:07] Peter from NY - Pan Am "World's Most Experienced Airline"
  • [1:27:55] Eduard - Draco
  • [1:41:22] Nick - Sterile Cockpit, Pilots/Cabin Crew CRM
  • [1:55:35] Plane Tale - The Mig 007
  • [2:20:11] Ben - Question Re: MD90
  • [2:26:19] Schuyler (sky-ler) - Been a While!
  • [2:29:41] Glen - Nick is Being Nasty to Me
  • [2:33:30] Steve - On the Brakes
  • [2:38:30] Texas Anla'Shok - The History of Podcasts or Something Like That
  • [2:51:40] John - Pickle Fork (or Pickle Spork)
  • [2:52:50] Brian in Tulsa - Update

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