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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Aug 30, 2015

News in this episode:

ACME T-shirts

Campaign ends September 6!


Ivor McDonald - Flying Song


Dan -

Audio/video feedback - from the cockpit, enroute to Oshkosh

Eirik from Norway - Interesting Question? So...


Kenny - Audio Feedback


Private Pilot Rich - Airplane Nicknames


Barton Hammond - Burn Fuel Before Takeoff, Go-Around


Pilot Pat -

Air France 447 Reconstruction Video

Ken - Kayak Fishing Podcast


Devin - Coefficient of Friction for TOLD, Acronyms, Books for Tom


Peter - Tristar autopilot


Heath Gleason - EAS Flying


Stuart - Up To 20 People Killed In Air Show Disaster


Stuart - Flight sim feedback


Capt Nick - Last bit on Airbus Autothrust


Capt. Nick - Children of the Magenta


Captain Al - APG Audio feedback


Ben -

LGA Curfew

Ben -

Waddell’s Wagon

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