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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Oct 4, 2015


LINKS FEEDBACK Big Data Ken - Airplane grounded after popped champagne cork damages ceiling Stuart - Video-Timelapse as Severe Weather Shuts Down Major Airport (ATL) David - uPilot Flight Simulation Trae Lefan - Polk State Flight Team Gregory Dubin - Southwest flight headed for Denver didn't announce diversion to Colorado Springs Stuart - Flying to the Ends of the Earth | Monday 8pm | Channel 4 Tim Van Raam - Just about right Nick Acosta - Evergreen's Defunct 747 Supertanker Is Rising From The Ashes Frik - Those darn ACME pilots Barton - DC-3s, Infinite Flight app Pip - Hectopaschal/millibars Justin - Jai Alai IPA Ross in England - Rain affecting engine performance? Rebecca - Any Flight Attendants on APG? Alex - A-37B DragonFly, Spam Can Old.Pilot - A little more feedback Barton - Automation Nick Anderson - Heathrow Goin’ Green! Bruce - Airliner Flying Guy Bruce's Unreported World blog Larry - Mad Dog names Ben - IDG/CSD/VSCF Taj - Goin’ Green? Big Data Ken - N65777 VIDEO buymeacupofcoffee4 Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. (304) 99-PILOT (304) 997-4568 ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2015, All Rights Reserved